Moonbats can't kill off angels

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Melanie Morgan, Death threats

Moonbats can't kill off angels

By Judi McLeod

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Melanie MorganLeave it to the Moonbats to go off and shoot themselves in both feet even before ever arriving in Washington, D.C. for their self-touted "Mother of All Protests" on September 15th.

But that's precisely what the Moonbats in Hippies Incorporated did when they threatened to kill Move America Forward leader and popular radio show host Melanie Morgan.

"Eagles! Don't let these people interfere with Melanie and her Move America Forward Caravan!" wrote Kit Lange on the Gathering of Eagles homepage. "It has come to our attention that our good friends at Move America Forward are being targeted by the anti-American left. It is not enough that these ultra-liberal forces think it fine to disparage our men and women in uniform. They are now targeting our supporters as they make their way to stand with us in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 15."

If vague threats to desecrate Washington's war memorials brought out the largest of all time pro-troop crowd last March 17, imagine their number now that threats have been made on the life of Melanie Morgan, her husband and children!

Eagles and war vets, many of whom saw their colleagues killed in action, do not take kindly to death threats.

And from the unruffled Melanie herself:

"When I receive these e-mails I just shake my head and wonder--when did it become so wrong and reviled in this country to stand-up and be counted as a proud patriot, someone who loves her country and the men and women who selflessly serve it? What goes through the mind of these sick, twisted individuals when they threaten to kill me, my husband, my children and say disgusting things that they are too chicken (bleep) to say out loud to anyone else?"

Tough guys, these Moonbats. They burn effigies of soldiers and the American flag, spit on uniformed soldiers, threaten to desecrate war memorials, and now stoop so low as to threaten the woman who is the face of America's pro-troop movement.

And they do it all while hiding their faces behind the anti-war protester's trademark bandanna.

Wow, that kind of courage is bound to have the kiddies making Moonbats the bad guy in the Roy Roger cowboy games played out daily on the streets of Small Town, America.

Melanie Morgan, "Mel" to friends the world over, powdered her pert nose and kept right on trucking.

When, as Melanie asked, did it became so "wrong and reviled in this country to stand-up and be counted as a proud patriot"? It began in the 1960s and continued past July of 1972 when Hanoi Jane Fonda posed with an anti-aircraft gun used to shoot down American planes.

…"Her propaganda broadcasts directed toward American troops, angered many Americans. In their eyes, she was guilty of treason, but she was never charged by the American legal system. (Henry Mark Holzer and Erika Holzer, Jane Fonda in North Vietnam: "Aid and Comfort". "Instead, she has made millions, been the recipient of countless awards, and remained an honored American icon."

Fonda has continued to be a familiar figure at anti-war demonstrations to the present day, and if she had not been AWOL as a no-show on St. Patrick's Day last year, she would have witnessed how determined veterans and their supporters in the Gathering of Eagles put the run to her spineless buddies, the Moonbats. The Moonbats were supposed to have desecrated The Wall during the St. Paddy's Day event, but retreated from their own arena when they realized the other side outnumbered them.

Of the threat on her life, Melanie Morgan continued: "It matters not to me. I am protected by a forcefield of love from above, and here in this wonderful country.

"We are blessed to be part of a larger movement to honor and recognize the TRUE heroes--the guys and gals I had the honor of meeting in Iraq, those who are serving in Afghanistan and faraway bases across the globe and who served honorably with distinction in past wars.

"None of us can rest until we gather together and soar in Washington, D.C., Sept. 15th, or throughout our tour across 27 cities of America that began this Monday in Carson City, Nevada.

"This is by far the largest task Move America Forward has undertaken, but we are joined by YOU--Gathering of Eagles, Eagles Up, Vets for Freedom, Freedom Watch, Military Order of the Purple Heart, and dozens of other pro-troop organizations who understand that we must win this war, or lose this country."

Among her scores of proudest fans and friends, is Yours Truly.

That's because Melanie Morgan isn't just on the side of the angels, she is the angel!

Let the tough guy Moonbats sleep with their handkerchiefs tucked under their pillows, Melanie will sleep safely with a teddybear under hers.

This is the legacy of Melanie Morgan and the Move America Forward: "Come join us! Besides being a ton of fun (meeting other patriots) you are watching the backs of our soldiers while they watch ours! It will be your legacy to your children and grand-children!"

Meantime, Go, Melanie, Go!

Canada Free Press founding editor Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the print media. Her work has appeared on, Drudge Report,, Glenn Beck and The Rant. Judi can be reached at:

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