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BMW's Big "SAV" Gets Bigger!

By Jim Bray

Thursday, March 29, 2007

It may look like an SUV, but according to BMW, the X5 isn't one of those evil SUV's: rather, it's an SAV -- a Sport Activity Vehicle.

Are we arguing semantics? Does it mean the X5 has no utility? Did SAV just focus test well? Or is BMW just trying to market the vehicle without it getting tagged as evil by the gang of busy bodies that's on a jihad to rid the earth of such scourges, regardless of whether or not people want them?

BMW 3 Series Coupe - a Turbocharged Turn-on

By Jim Bray

Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's been a while since anyone referred to a BMW as being drop-dead gorgeous, but one look at the 335i coupe shows the German automaker hasn't lost its ability to design a real looker.

BMW has taken its share of abuse over the past few years for the overall "rumpiness" of its current generation 7 and 5 series sedans; even the otherwise lovely 3 series sedan's weakest link is its rear end, though it's the best of the bunch. But this new sedan is even better: it's low, long, sleek, and just plain beautiful from stem to stern and beam to beam. Even its bum!

BMW 5 Series Wagon — Hauling more than Your Stuff

By Jim Bray

Friday, June 23, 2006

BMW doesn't appear prone to the "middle child blues." And that's good news for drivers!

Middle children, according to popular myth, are often the most unhappy of a family's siblings. They struggle for recognition, overshadowed by the eldest child's maturity and experience, while competing for attention from parents forced to concentrate on the youngest child's often more pressing needs.

BMW 330i: Lots of "Whee" from BMW's 3

By Jim Bray

Saturday, June 3, 2006

BMW's 3 series is living proof that the company's slogan "the ultimate driving machine" isn't just hype.

Not only that but, except for its tail light design, the newest version of the 3 has managed to avoid the controversial dumpy rumpiness of recent BMW exteriors, as exemplified by the current 5 series sedan and the first iteration of the current 7.

For what more could anyone ask?

BMW 750Li: Luxury, Indeed!

By Jim Bray

Monday, January 23, 2006

BMW took its share of abuse from some reviewers when it unveiled its current generation 7 series a few years back.

The car, which in its previous "in-car-nation" had been quite a handsome set of wheels, suddenly became dumpy and awkward-looking, with a face and a butt only its designer could love. And inside, its new iDrive system integrated far too many functions into an ultra high tech but ultimately frustrating interface.

Or so it was said. I never drove that model, but to read the reviews from back then, iDrive was an answer to a question no one had asked: how do you take one of the world’s great sedans and make it difficult to use?

Since then BMW has worked to make the care more attractive and, at least as far as the exterior is concerned, has succeeded very well. And the iDrive system is apparently much better than it was originally — though if my experience during a week of driving the big Bimmer is indicative, it may be best if the company would go back to traditional buttons and knobs.

But what a car! The 2006 750Li I tested for a week included exterior tweaks such as a revised grille and headlights that make the front end look more graceful than before, and updated taillights that help make it look as if the 7 has been working out in the gym. The result is a slimmer and more aggressive look that also conveys the impression that this car means business.

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