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The 20th Century was the “Century of Women”

A feminist man

 By BFP Staff  Friday, July 1, 2016

By: Daniel Otero

I grew up in the convulsed streets of Brooklyn, New York in the 1970s.  Definitely a different time….One thing I learnt early from my uncles was about women. 
There were moments when like ‘dogs’ they would get excited and once seeing a beautiful woman they would say, “Wow, look at her.  She’s hot, and that a**!”
Now, I can imagine all the women who read this saying, “Men, my goodness!  They’re such pigs!”
I know, I know, but there’s a reason for all of this and an explanation.

As a young boy I wondered why my uncles or other men for that matter would get so crazily excited around women. 

Well, it was what I was taught. 

Coming from a macho background, at home my father would say, “In this house we want men and not girls!” Saying even in a stronger-vulgar tone, “Here we urinate standing up and never sitting down,that’s for girls.  We’re men!”

I still didn’t quite comprehend why and as I grew up I indulged into the same male-chauvinist behaviors as the men who raised me. 

My biggest passion was to go into a discotheque, as young man of course.  There was my ‘meat market’ to see with whom I would sleep with that night.

I had all the machismo attributes that women all over the world criticize men for and hate, rightfully so. 

Then, later in my life I learnt an even deeper lesson on love and something began to change.  As I matured, I realized how women in my life: like my mother, aunts and cousins had to suffer for being female.  How they were deeply discriminated against and only given opportunities for their looks and not their brains.  In many occasions being denied chances at leadership and those were given to men, when in fact they deserved it more!

How easily the women in my family would suffer from sexual harassment at the workplace or on the streets when they were walking home after a long day at work. 

Women still suffer mayor discrimination issues in the workplace.  Not only there, but on the streets; it’s been proven in places like Saudi Arabia, women are harassed 80 percent more and in Japan, at least 60 percent.

And honestly, it started to anger and affected me deeply.  It didn’t want to perpetuate the same behaviors as in past family generations.  Therefore, I started learning more about the issues which affect women worldwide and here was my conclusion…

Women are treated 10 times worse than other social minorities around the world.  Their pay at times and in certain environments is 25 to 30 percent less than men. 

Fifty-two percent of our planet is female.  Therefore, we need more women and their ideas in the workplace.  Further, we need them as leaders to equalize our world.  Women bring plenty to the table. 

Across the world, and in some countries, take India; females are 10 times more likely to get assaulted or raped by a known associate, friend or male family member.

Girls as well as women are told to be faithful to only one man.  If not, society will call them ‘tramps’ or ‘whores’. 

However, in our society a male is even encouraged to have more than one girlfriend.  We jokingly laugh and make statements by calling him a ‘player’. 

Notice how some family members talk to their male child, “OMG, you’re so handsome!  How many girlfriends do you have?”

I know it’s joking and at the same time, it’s a deep psychological form of encouragement.  Even if it’s done playfully!

In certain parts of Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, women and girls are still treated as objects for pleasure and only to serve the males.  If they don’t obey their husbands, fathers or brothers they can be easily whipped or killed; such is the case of ‘honor killings’ back in Pakistan.  Yes, they are enslaved and abused just for their sex. 

Other countries have the grotesque practice of men marrying little girls.  Unbelievable, but true!

In the majority of the central African countries FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) is still performed.  Imagine if every time a male is born, somebody would cut his penis off!  Well, the same happens to women.  This is done from a newborn and before 16 years of age, a young girl has to be cut to control her sexuality and behavior.  So people in their ignorance tell themselves.  This medieval form of torture is done causing sometimes painful infections and even unwillingly sterilizing the girl!

And still, it’s a shame when men don’t understand them.  How we expect them to be eternally slim like models or with bodies like ‘Sophie Lauren’.  Society will place unnecessary pressure on them.  When women through their lifetime have to deal with menstruation and menopause; how unfair we really are!

When a woman becomes pregnant, she will risk a chance at death by 30 percent all over the world.  They sometimes love their men unconditionally and this comes with another risk attached.  We may leave them for a younger woman when they get old. 

For the above reasons I changed my macho attitudes and began to try and understand them more.  It’s better to have a woman closer, who loves you.  She will make you into a better man.  In this crazy world, full of wars, they bring a measure of betterment which men need and possibly a more peaceful place for all to enjoy.

Scientists state in the next 70 years our world ought to have equality for women and minorities.  If the 20th Century was the “Century of Women”; then, we need a lot of practice to make this world better for females.  It’s deserved since the beginning of time and well overdue.  So, let’s get to practice and action!

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