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Should we stop travelling for safety?

Terrorism & Travel:

 By admin  Tuesday, July 19, 2016

By, Daniel Otero

In a wave of terrorist attacks which have affected most of the Middle East, Africa and the Western World, travelers more often than not find themselves in a conundrum.  Do I travel or for safety reasons, do I stay at home? 

The answer is a logical ‘nay’.  Nobody should ever impede on anybody’s progress, quality of life and dreams of travel.  Life is a discovery, freedom to explore and if people have the economical means, they should board a plane, bus or train and go wherever they want!

Lately, with the wave of attacks suffered in the United States and now, most recently, France—tourist are beginning to ask themselves, “Is it safer to stay at home?”

First, things are going to happen whether you at home or not.  Death can occur at any instance, whether it’s crossing the street, going to the convenient store, shopping or on a glamorous trip. 

Ninety-percent of deaths occur most often at home and of those deaths, the majority happen in the bathroom or toilet, to our embarrassment and sadly. 

Therefore, why stop travelling?  To travel indicates opportunities, a means of growth, status and it’s to broaden the mind. 

No tyranny, death threat or fear will keep me at home.

Nowadays, and yes, the world can be a dangerous place (it always has been); and I would dare say, it’s unlikely that you’ll experience a violent attack when abroad. 

Especially for those who say that the Unites States is dangerous, my answer is, “Utter rubbish!”

Yes, there is inner city violence, but only in nine percent of the country. 

Nothing should hold a person back from going abroad for holiday or to study.  It’s a better way to understand how a country’s citizens truly are and behave.

Mark Twain, famous American writer couldn’t have said it better, “Travel is to broaden the mind!”

For this ‘selfie’ generation, there’s something called the internet.  Before we go somewhere for vacation, a little bit of advice and it’s just a click away.  Do research on the country and destination.  Know more about the city or town you’re going into.  Print out a map or have a map of that area, learn how to get around.  Investigate which areas are safe and those which are unsafe.  Check news reports for any travel warnings or advisories.  Know the climate you’re travelling into before departure.  Keep your wits about you and look around, don’t walk with ‘tunnel vision’, only focusing on one thing.  Never use an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) after 10 p.m. and not before 6 a.m., unless it’s an emergency.  Always follow your gut instinct—usually it’s 90 percent correct.  Move away from strange or unidentified/unattended packages.  Carry the numbers to the local police station and call, only and when it’s a must!  As a tourist, carry your camera and case around your neck and valuables in your front pockets.  Keep your passports and valuables in the hotel safe, and carry one or two cards with the hotel’s address!  Don’t extract a map in public—you’ll be a dead giveaway for a tourist!  Try to do things in private and if disoriented or lost, ask a cop or government worker, they usually know their way around.  If you’re a female, please avoid walking alone, better to walk in twos or stay with a tour group (by the way, the same applies to males).

With this in mind, you should never give up on your travels out of fear.  Because if you do, then in the end, the terrorist will win, destroy our economy and our world.     

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