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Religious fanaticism has taken on a different shape and fervor with the internet that reaches across the world

Religious fanatics

 By admin  Tuesday, August 2, 2016

By: Daniel Otero

Stemmed in hate and mostly out of sheer ignorance has come from the religions of the world, people who cannot tolerate different practices or those which go against their beliefs. 

A good majority of these beliefs or philosophies have that something to bring us closer to god, self or nature. 

The biggest problem today is when a religion tries to force their convictions on others. 

This was the ‘honest’ practice of the Middle Ages and what did it leave?  Centuries of bloodshed, hate, anger, prejudice of others and wars to no end.  Take a closer look at the Inquisition of the Catholic Church.  It lasted close to 900 years and the Church evoked its crusades against the Muslims.  It affected Europe entirely and what’s today the Middle East/Holy Land (Israel).

ReligiusHow many wars and divisions did it spur, till the German monk Martin Luther came with the 95 point reformation.  When the division between Catholics and Protestants began, things did not become any better till the 18th Century, when religious wars finally began to weed out in Europe.

However, the problem spread through the latter part of the 20th Century in areas like Burma (present day Myanmar) with the Karen-Christian rebels and continued in places like Sri Lanka over politics and Buddhism.  Ideas which were supposed to bring peace were now bringing war.  I’m wondering if people like Buddha or Christ intended this when they established their brands of philosophy and belief.

The sheer horror perpetrated in India after the country’s 1947 partition and independence placed its beginnings to shame.  This wasn’t Mahatma Gandhi’s dream for the Muslims and Hindus to outright slaughter each other in seven weeks of violence which left a million dead.  Those were the beginnings of a long and harsh standoff of hatred between Pakistan and India for the better part of 70 years, seven wars later and constant threats of nuclear annihilation.

Religious fanaticism has taken on a different shape and fervor with the internet that reaches across the world in less than 30 seconds.  In a global society, where some of its youth are angry and disillusioned, ideas have seeped to brainwash people into committing acts of violence against one another.  Religious fanaticism has become a brainwashing tool for terrorist and has gone to spread into religious fascism.

Notice Donald Trump to Pat Robertson spewing their incorrect and fanatical points of view, with a dose of prejudicial-hate against other peoples. 

And on the other hand are those who only read certain phrases of the Koran and act out on a Jihadist-mindless philosophy.

Sadly, Islam hasn’t been able to reform and in the 21st Century those who are extremists have acted on their shameless whims of global terror. 

Then here we must compare between Christianity and Islam.  But one thing they do have in common is their history for bloodshed, whether it’s past or present.  One thing is to talk-fanatical rubbish and another is to act on it.

The point isn’t to allow beliefs into our political system.  These fanatical points spill into messages of hate and intolerance. 

Take a country like Saudi Arabia and you’ll see what I mean.

One sided views argue and say, “My side is correct!”

The other then counterattacks, “No, my side is correct!”

There’re no clear winners, only losers.  For this reason, I fight fanatical points of view and hateful messages.  Like those always quoting the Bible, as they speak badly about their neighbors, whether Muslim or not, what hypocrites!

It’s time for our schools to educate on both sides of the spectrum.  Use objective points to shine the light on religions or philosophies.  Then argue, and whether we agree or not, the conversation can end peacefully—without further threats, hate-crimes or violence for that matter.

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