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Some opinion, but mostly PURE FACT of what is happening in your neighbor to the north.

My generation fought hard for a Color-Blind-Society

 By BFP Staff  Saturday, November 19, 2016

By Alan Seaman
I write here a contribution I feel is worth publishing—-& have a great deal more to say—-which I hope you eventually welcome. I should begin by introducing myself.  From what I say, some might accuse me of being an old, white male chauvinist bigot. Before doing so, you need to explain that to my black wife, who doesn’t speak a word of English. When I read the word NEWSPAPER, I actually envision a piece of paper with ink on it that communicates news. Younger readers likely do not. When I read the word JOURNALIST I think of a professional with proficient vocabulary. As became painfully evident in the 2016 Election process, today’s REPORTERS see their job as collectively expressing their views & prejudices as facts.

I have no objection to being ruled by a negro or a woman or a gay or a Hispanic & would vote for any of the above if their views jived with mine. However I object strongly to being ruled by a negro or a woman or a gay or a Hispanic if they are the ruler simply because they are a negro or a woman or a gay or a Hispanic. My generation fought hard for a Color-Blind-Society, where race/gender/sexual preference simply does not matter. People were supposed to be just people. Journalists were supposed to report facts, and Editorials printed opinions. I propose that there is a serious cancer in the world, & the tumors are festering in Costa Rica, where I live. I have a great deal to say—-some opinion, but mostly PURE FACT of what is happening in your neighbor to the north.  Much of this has spread from our Communist neighbors in the North, & I hope BP will open a forum which can be an early diagnosis so that cancer does not spread to Panama.

AJ Seaman has a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering & has dual US/Costa Rican citizenship for 20 years. I (the author) designed & built a pyramid home in Costa Rica, which I consider among my most significant accomplishments. Central America is changing, & I wish to warn my neighbors to the South about what is happening to our isthmus. For that, I propose to write a series of articles concerning the radical new reality of Costa Rica, & why I am now looking at Panamanian Citizenship.

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