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America’s greatest fault is its short-sightedness


 By BFP Staff  Tuesday, November 22, 2016

By Alan Seaman
The articles I will be sending from Costa Rica are not written for entertainment or amusement. My goal is to save Panama from the fate that has befallen Costa Rica & our neighbors to the North. Of course, only YOU can do that. Although millions have died in their efforts to re-write history, the fact remains that HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF.  One of the many books that enlightened me was Richard Nixon’s 1999. It was interesting to read what an ex-President thought would be the future in 20 years, & be able to compare it to what actually happened.  But the lesson I learned is that America’s greatest fault is its short-sightedness. The actions of America’s leaders (both private & public) are focused upon QUARTERS. Private investments & public policies are typically predicated upon corporate quarterly reports & 3-month reports of Government statistics.

Communist actions, however, are predicated upon generations focused on one goal. When Reagan said: MR. GORBACHEV, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL. , he did—-& for America the Cold War was over. When the Communists determined to take Central America in the seventies, the first order of business was to assassinate business owners. One of the first to be killed was my best friend’s father. He & his brothers then formed an army to defeat the Communists—-& they succeeded! However the Communists managed to win in the first election, & the very people my friend fought now run the country. At this writing, they are scheduling War Trials specifically aimed at having my friend extradited & hung. This is the cancer to which I referred in my previous writing.

In America, the most valuable notion is: I STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH WHAT YOU SAY—-BUT I WILL DEFEND TO MY DEATH YOUR RIGHT TO SAY IT.  Today in Costa Rica, Government says: WE DON’T LIKE WHAT YOU SAY—-ESPECIALLY IF YOUR SKIN IS WHITE—-& WILL THROW YOU IN A CAGE & TORTURE YOU TO DEATH FOR SAYING IT. In future articles, I will provide recent examples. In today’s Costa Rica, you do not have:

1.    The right to a speedy trial.

2.    The right to see the evidence placed against you.

3.    The right of free expression.

4.    The right to face your accuser.

5.    The rights to a lawyer or treatment under the Geneva Convention.

6.    The right to be safe in your person, papers & effects.

7.    The right to receive mail in the Costa Rica postal system. (Government just helps themselves to anyone’s mail—-& inspects every piece)

Even CNN has been taken from our television. Panama still has the ability to thwart this movement. I wonder if Panamanians know that their country exists solely due to a US military exercise done to avoid paying ten million dollars to Colombia. Learn about your history, & stand up for your country.  The best way to learn about Panama’s history is to read THE PATH BETWEEN TWO SEAS (http://www.simonandschuster.com/books/The-Path-Between-the-Seas/David-McCullough/9780743262132).  It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read.

AJ Seaman has a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering & has dual US/Costa Rican citizenship for 20 years. I (the author) designed & built a pyramid home in Costa Rica, which I consider among my most significant accomplishments. Central America is changing, & I wish to warn my neighbors to the South about what is happening to our isthmus. For that, I propose to write a series of articles concerning the radical new reality of Costa Rica, & why I am now looking at Panamanian Citizenship.

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