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Licking the Los Angeles Times

 By Rodrigo Pardo  Friday, February 19, 2010

imageThere’s mucho tail wagging today in Mosquera, a suburb of Bogota Free Planet’s home city, and a huge sigh of relief from dog lovers too.

If only they could, the 30,000 stray dogs who roam the streets of Mosquera, would lick the front page of latimes.com in gratitude.

A shelter of their own to someday call home and headline news in the Los Angeles Times is the best they’ve ever done.

Bones and scratches behind the ear for all!

When BFP went out to photograph some of the sad dogs who forage for feed in Mosquera last year, we were sad to see how many there were.

Some of the dogs were so skinny from lack of food they could take over the runways at the next big model show.

No one here wants to see Fido starving but no one knows want to do about it.

Now that the LA Times is in on the act, it won’t be long before the dogs have their very own pound!

Mosquera Mayor Luis Alvaro Rincon found instant controversy when he mused after hearing yet another constituent complain about the homeless dog population in his fair suburb, by blurting out in full temper,  “A street dog is a dead dog.”

Killing off dogs may work in China, but not in Bogota.

Although one of Colombia’s fastest-growing municipalities, Mosquera has never had a dog pound.

No one paid much attention to His Worship’s “A street dog is a dead dog” attitude until someone enshrined it in YouTube.  Animal rights activists and dog lovers alike began burning up the telephone wires at City Hall.

Bogota animal rights organizer Albeiro Ulloa became a kind of hero of the moment when he said: “This kind of discourse contributes to a disrespect for life in Colombia.  Is it that much of a la from mass murder of animals to that of humans?”

When Ulloa took up to 300 animal rights defenders out onto the Bogota streets, they were met by the same number of protesters showing the colors of the mayor’s flag.

It was one of those street corner miracles when both sides decided that fighting each other was never going to solve the problems of Bogota’s increasing homeless dog population. 

Now both sides are working to raise private funds to build a regional dog pound.

Having the story published on the mighty LA Times is a bonus.  That’s why Bogota’s homeless canines would lick the LA Times page if they weren’t so far away.

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