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Both the Canadian and American elections vividly demonstrated a media controlled and manipulated game

The Power Of Choice

 By William McCreary, PhD.

As an outcome of the two recent elections on North America, one is reminded of the power that tradition and conformity have in our collective lives. Both the Canadian and American elections vividly demonstrated a media controlled and manipulated game, that was played into by the general populous. Very few people actually turned out to exercise their right to vote. Of those that did, very few were educated or more than superficially informed regarding the parties` stances, policies and implications of such upon our lives. Rather, votes were cast along lines of family tradition, religion, race or gender. Many did not vote for a person or party because of their potential worth and ability, but rather because `my family has always voted for this party so I will too`.

This political example is a great indicator of the pattern plays out in our approach to health care, as well as one that permeates our lives in general. We have come to rely on `experts`, tradition, external family pressures and he-said-she-said propaganda as the basis upon which we make our health care decisions. Health care and politics here are the ``symptom`.  The ``cause`` of our collective and personal disease deals with the deterioration of our power to choose.

One of the greatest gifts that we have as people is the ability to choose. It is an exhilarating power, the internal motor which drives progress, change and personal growth. It is the root of vision, the seed of dreams. Without the power to choose, we remain captive in the chains of the expectations of others. We are tied to their shifting fancy and belief system of the day. Success and happiness become fleeting mirages as we seek to attain goals that others set for us. We become slaves to tradition, mindlessly going through the motions, spending more time planning a night out than the course and direction of our lives. Lily Tomlin once said “I wanted to be somebody… I should have been more specific”. If you do not decide to become who you ought to be, someone or something else will mold you into their desired outcome. 

Look deep inside and find the fire that burns inside of you. If you have relegated control of your life to external demands,  that fire may well be reduced to a spark. TURN UP THE HEAT! Find the thing that you can feel passionate about. Your personal health and wellness depends upon finding that internal fire that burns as hot as you will allow it to. For a life without a passionate purpose is a life not worth living. 

I’ve heard all the excuses. ‘I’ve tried before and failed. They will laugh at me. But there is risk involved. I am too busy. What if…?’ Would you rather live a life of ‘what if’ or ‘I AM’. There are countless excuses for putting off the exercising of your God given responsibility to change and progress from who you are to who you ought to be. I learned long ago that ‘justification is the grease on the slide pole to hell’. 

James Allen wrote beautifully that ‘As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is’. If you believe that you are confined to the chains of mediocrity, do not be surprised when you achieve your self promised outcome. You will manifest the destiny of your inner belief system. 

Change involves risk, a characteristic devalued in a society that rewards mediocrity. It is true the most uncomfortable place to be is outside your comfort zone. People, like nature are dynamic, either growing or regressing. There is no such thing as ‘status quo’. Such a state is merely an illusion. No growth leads to stagnation and inevitable decay. 

You have the key to unlock your personal greatness. You are restricted only by the constraints that you put upon yourself. You have the power to choose. Choose wisely. In this season of renewal, seek within yourself to find the gift that is truly worth giving. The pieces of your future are composed of the decisions of the present. You hold the power to design your future. It is a divine and innate component of your humanness. Cherish it, jealously protect it, activate it. Now is the moment to choose. 

To those who choose to remain in their stagnancy, the consolation prize of a fruit basket is yours to claim. Eat it before it rots. For those who can find the vision, passion and dreams within their souls, may you be blessed with the courage to move steadfastly forward to the incredible realization in your life. This is more than a `secret`` where you just visualize and it will come to pass and make you happy. This is about being true to what is meaningful and lasting, not what is temporary and convenient.

That’s not rocket science, it’s common sense.  But remember, if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always done.

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William McCreary, PhD.  Bio
William McCreary, PhD. Most recent columns

Randy McCreary has studied the interplay between the mind, spirit and body and its impact on both the development and reversal of disease conditions for the past 15 years. He has brought this vast information together into an effective format known as Neurotherapy. This self healing energetic psychological protocol deals with the optimization of the interplay between the Mind, Spirit and Body of the individual.

Randy is also a highly sought after international speaker, author and educator on various topics within the field of health and wellness. He is renowned for his ability to powerfully impact his audiences through knowledge, humour, common sense and compassion.

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