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Parrots of Anapoima

Parrots of Anapoima

A Dogs Life By Cesar Garcia

World News
Salda of Bogota, Colombia, Featured on Dorm Sessions 9
 By BFP Staff Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SaldaBy Margot Edwards
Boston, MA – Bogota native Salda is featured on Dorm Sessions 9, the new release by Berklee’s student-run label, Heavy Rotation Records. The compilation—a mix of rock, blues, folk, Americana, pop, rumba, reggae, indie rock, and electronica by Berklee students and alumni—also features Fate & the Family Band, Oyinda, Redwood Deville, Los Rumberos, Dav3, Western Den, Night Lights, and Analog Heart.

Hailing from Bogota, Berklee student Salda’s DJing caught the attention of Boston’s most popular clubs in 2010. With his roots as a lead guitarist in a metal band and a passion for electronic and pop beats, he quickly became one of the cities leading DJs. Today, he spins regularly at exclusive clubs in Bogota, Cartagena, Berlin and across the U.S. Salda made his Miami debut at the acclaimed Winter Music Conference in 2011. His music is self-produced and his first video, “Wild Card,” has over 100,000 hits.


Rodriguez Makes Semi-final at Canary Wharf Classic
 By BFP Staff Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Miguel Angel RodriguezBy: Nathan Clarke
Colombian World No.14 Miguel Angel Rodriguez booked his place in the semi-final of the 2014 Canary Wharf Squash Classic in London today, beating Hong Kong’s Max Lee 3-1.

Rodriguez, who trains with Hong Kong No.1 Lee in Orlando, was forced to fight for every point in the 68-minute match-up as he was tested in all four corners of the court.

The highest ranked South American player of all-time, Rodriguez took an early one game lead following a mammoth rally at game point, but Lee brought it back to one-one by showing the kind of accuracy that saw him beat former World No.1 Karim Darwish in the opening round.


Las columnas de las Marchas de la Dignidad se unen en una gran manifestación
 By BFP Staff Saturday, March 22, 2014

Por: DISO Press
Mapjdao e. na EcibceaeMadrid,. Las seis columnas integrantes de las Marchas de la Dignidad, a las que se han ido uniendo numerosos ramales a lo largo de los últimos días, han entrado hoy en Madrid y ya se han unido en una gran manifestación formada por cientos de miles de personas. Se trata de la mayor convocatoria vivida en la capital en los últimos meses, una cita que tiene como lema central “Pan, trabajo y techo” y como reivindicaciones básicas el impago de la deuda estatal ‘ilegítima’, el derecho a la vivienda, el derecho al trabajo con la aplicación de una renta básica para los desempleados y la defensa de los servicios públicos y el fin de los recortes sociales.


‘Greening up’ of Latin America
 By BFP Staff Friday, March 14, 2014

By Hee Kyung Son
When Brazil was selected as the host country for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in June 2012, it ushered in a resurgence of interest in green practice around Latin America. The choice of Rio de Janeiro as host put the spotlight on emerging challenges, such as poverty eradication, climate change, energy security and urban development—not just in Brazil, but in other areas of Latin America.


When to buy the Samsung Galaxy S5
 By BFP Staff Wednesday, February 26, 2014

PANDABogota – Last Monday the Samsung Galaxy S5 was officially launched at the opening of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and will be available on April 11th. Even with its great new features such as a finger print sensor and a super AMOLED display, Samsung´s latest smartphone is priced at a high level around USD 888 for the plastic version. The exclusive metal version will start around USD 1092. So the question remains, when will it make the most sense to buy this phone at the right price?



 By BFP Staff Tuesday, February 25, 2014

By Juliana Manjarrés Romero
My name is Juliana Manjarrés Romero, I am one of the twelve Colombian exchange students who visited the United States during the first three weeks of January. Traveling all the way to North America was an amazing journey for all of us, because not only did we get to learn about the US, but also to visit places such as: Minneapolis, Memphis and Rochester. The purpose of the trip was to have fun sharing what the Colombian culture is like and at the same time learning about american’s lifestyle. This was possible because each one of us got to stay with sponsor families and go to school with the host teenager.  All the new, amusing and unforgettable events we lived will always be remembered as the cultural trip to the United States.


Triangle in Anapoima Mandarino Tree Parrot Soap Opera of All Time!
 By Judi McLeod  Sunday, May 31, 2009

Parrots of Anapoima, Cucurrucucu PalomaStep aside, Julio Iglesias and all you other romantic Latino singers, Paco the Parrot is here.

Bogota Free Planet (BFP) promised they would record for CFP the Parrots of Anapoima belting out the haunting refrain from the song “Cucurrucucu Paloma”, and that’s just what they did.

Colombia gets 7 gold medals in one day
 By Jorge Luis Pardo  Friday, October 28, 2011

October 26 is a day to remember for Colombia: 7 gold medals in one day at the Pan American Games in Guadalajara.  Athletics, skating, weightlifting and gymnastics are the winners.

Medical News
Vitamin C: If It’s Good For Gorillas Why Not Us
 By Dr. Gifford Jones  Thursday, October 21, 2010

Are you headed for a heart attack because of “marginal scurvy”, a condition resulting from a lack of vitamin C? Moreover, if vitamin C is sound medicine for gorillas, why isn’t it good for us? And in the 16th century, why did the ship’s cat survive long sea voyages when its sailors died from scurvy?

Today, we know that sailors of old, lacking vitamin C, died of this preventable disease. A shortage of fresh fruit in their diet resulted in degeneration of blood vessels, hemorrhage and death.

Automotive News
Networked Devices Spread Your Photos, Music Around
 By Jim Bray  Thursday, December 16, 2010

Media servers are becoming popular in this age of wireless home networks, delivering audio and video content from a computer or the Internet to whatever device you may want to use, within reason.

I usually use such devices to stream music, because most of the videos I watch are on Blu-ray and no matter how much hype you hear about downloads taking over, there are still bandwidth and file compatibility issues. I admit reluctantly to accessing YouTube and its ilk for some casual viewing sometimes, but media servers are increasingly playing back music in other rooms of my house.

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