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Low Intensity Light Therapy Heals Chronic Wounds

by Dr. W. Gifford Jones

June 3, 2007

Do patients receive ineffective treatment when they could be cured by a lesser-known technique? The answer? Probably tens of thousands.

Travelling Without Montezuma's Revenge

by Dr. W. Gifford Jones

February 12, 2007

Friends frequently ask me, "What antibiotics and other drugs are you taking with you for Montezuma's Revenge when you leave for Mexico?" They are surprised when I tell them I don't carry any medication. I add that recently I visited Egypt and cruised up the Nile River to the Aswan dam without packing any medication. My son and I didn't lose one minute from an attack of travellers' diarrhea during the trip. Was this just luck, or did I have a secret weapon to counter this terror-inducing disorder?

Picky Eaters: The Terror Of Being Invited To Dinner

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

Saturday, February 17, 2007

What's the worst fear for some people? It's not standing before a crowd and giving a major speech. Nor is it the apprehension of being crushed in a crowded elevator or flying. It's the terror of being invited to dinner at a friend's home. A report in the Washington Post outlines the overwhelming fears of picky eaters.

What's So Important About 5,230?

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

Saturday, December 2, 2006

"I've decided to start publishing your column", the editor remarked to me. Then he added, "You realize your life will never be the same again?" How true! 30 years later I've now written a newspaper column every week, 52 weeks a year, a total of 5,230 articles. It's an experience I wouldn't have missed. And what have I learned?

0157:H7 Is Not the Number Of A Car License

by Dr. W. Gifford Jones

Monday, October 23, 2006

"I'd prefer to have the red snapper without the spinach", my wife said to the waiter. Like many people she was concerned about the recent outbreak of infection resulting from contaminated California spinach. But if you think the "All Clear" has been given to eat spinach and other greens, you had better think again. Bacteria such as E.Coli 0157:H7 always win when you toss caution to the wind. And does organic foods really protect you from this disease, as some believe?

Should You Sack a Doctor Who Wears a Necktie?

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

October 22, 2006

What happens when researchers show patients photos of doctors? Some show physicians dressed casually in open neck shirts. Others in sneakers and jeans. Still others with neckties and wearing a white coat. Then patients were asked, "Which doctor would you prefer?" The experiment showed that time and again patients chose the doctor with the tie and white coat. But is this the right choice?

This Fall Think About Lyme Disease

by Dr. W. Gifford Jones

October 15, 2006

Do you believe you must be in an infected area to get Lyme disease? If you do, think again. A 10 year study reports that you can catch this malady in your own backyard. And since spring and fall are prime times for this disease, being forewarned is forearmed. Particularly since a bite of the deer tick can have far-reaching health consequences.

Pleasures and Dangers Of Hot Tub Baths

by Dr. W. Gifford Jones

Monday, October 2, 2006

Have you just checked into a hotel, gone to the health club in dire need of relaxation? So now you're sitting in a hot tub and the world looks a lot better? Unfortunately, you should know there are pleasures and hazards to most things in life and hot tubs are no exception. One of the hazards is "Hot Tub Lung" (HTB) infection, and you may want to think again.

Do You Suffer From "Potty Paranoia?"

by Dr. W. Gifford Jones

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A reader from Windsor, Ontario writes, "I'm a frequent traveler and some bathrooms are filthy. Were Mothers right when they said, never sit down on a public toilet seat? If you do, what is the risk of acquiring an infection? Or am I worrying needlessly?"

Sexually Transmitted Disease In Middle-Aged Adults

by Dr. W. Gifford Jones

Saturday, April 22, 2006

"Do you know where your children are and what they are doing?" is a question that often worries parents. Today sexually transmitted disease (STD) is on the rise in the teenage population. But what about the other side of the coin? A recent report shows that there's also good reason for teenagers to ponder, "Where are my parents tonight and what are they doing?" Studies show that STD rates, particularly chlamydia, are soaring in middle-aged adults.

Gardasil A Vaccine To Prevent Cervical Cancer

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

April 15, 2006

Some patients you never forget. Years ago, a young talented pianist after years of dedicated study, was scheduled to give her first piano recital in Toronto. But for months beforehand she noticed vaginal discharge and did nothing. Finally, due to abnormal bleeding she consulted me. Pelvic examination revealed an extensive cancer of the cervix. She died a few months later and never gave her recital. Now, a new vaccine, "Gardasil", will prevent needless deaths such as hers.

A Condom In The Mail?

by Dr. W. Gifford Jones

January 15, 2006

"What a unique way to get attention" I thought as I opened the morning's mail. What usually arrives on my desk is a host of medical reports. So I was surprised when two condoms fell out of one envelope. I wondered what was expected of me at 10:00 a.m.? And have I since put these condoms to good use?

How NHL Players And Olympic Athletes Fight Colds

by Dr. W. Gifford Jones

October 12, 2004

How would you like to be an NHL hockey player, reach the Stanley Cup playoffs, then suddenly develop a severe cold? Or train for the Olympics and then be knocked out of competition by a cold? It's a fear that never leaves athletes. Now Canadian scientists have finally developed a pill that fights this common problem. In fact, and this is hard to believe, Cold-fX is even good enough to make Don Cherry, hockey's outspoken personality, a believer!

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